Paddington Children's Centre

About Us


Paddington Children’s Centre (PCC) is an 80 place long day care centre. We are open 51 weeks per year with an annual scheduled closure over the Christmas and New Year period at no charge. PCC has a wonderful reputation in the community due its to service excellence.

We are a Uniting service. Uniting Early Learning is the 3rd largest provider of community based education and care services in NSW. PCC is a Shared Governance Service with Parents on the Board of Management, ensuring a strong commitment to our local community.

National Quality Standards

Paddington Children’s Centre received EXCEEDING in all 7 Quality Areas when assessed against the National Quality Standards.

The National Quality Standard (NQS) is a key aspect of the National Quality Framework (NQF) and sets a high, national benchmark for early childhood education and care, and outside school hours care services in Australia.

It gives services and families a better understanding of a quality service, helping families to make informed decisions about the services providing education and care to their child. The NQS brings together the 7 key quality areas that are important to outcomes for children.


Statement of Purpose

To nurture resilient and confident children through inclusive education in sustainable services, in partnership with families and community



Commitment To

Building Relationships
Strong Partnerships


Confident and resilient children
Strong families
Inclusive communities
Social justice

2024 FEES

Bond is 2 weeks of fees paid in advance per child upon enrolment. Your bond will be refunded when your child leaves the centre.

Gudha Room
0 - 2 year olds


  • All meals provided
  • All nappies provided
  • Highly Educational Program
  • Permanent floating/relief staff
  • No charge for Xmas shutdown period
  • Staff:Child Ratio 1:3
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Yurung Room
2 - 3 year olds


  • All meals provided
  • All nappies provided
  • Highly Educational Program
  • Permanent floating/relief staff
  • No charge for Xmas shutdown period
  • Staff:Child Ratio 1:4
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Maliyan & Yiray Rooms
3 - 5 year olds


  • All meals & nappies provided
  • Highly Educational Program
  • Permanent floating/relief staff
  • No charge for Xmas shutdown period
  • Staff:Child Ratio 1:6
  • Transition to School Program
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To place your child on the waitlist please fill out the form and pay the non refundable fee of $20. You will be contacted when a position becomes available.
For further information please contact the office. Opportunities to view the centre will be available once you have been offered a position at the centre.

Our Staff

The service maintains above regulation qualified Educators and ratios. Our excellent retention in Educators results in wonderful continuity and secure relationships.

The Service Director and Educational Leader have both worked at the service for 20 years and have established a strong professional culture that strives for service excellence.

Paddington Children's Centre provides

7 Early Childhood Teachers – 3-4 year University Qualification
2 Qualified cooks
6 Qualified Advanced Childcare Workers – 2-year TAFE training
13 Certificate III – 1-year TAFE training
All staff have current First Aid Certificates
A minimum of two qualified educators in every room

Fast Facts

Not-for-profit, community based service.

Excellent retention of Educators.

Innovative teaching practices that have resulted in many International and National sector visitors.

Director & Educational Leader have been at the service for 20 years.

Educators work features in professional publications and has been presented at many Early Childhood conferences.

Our Aboriginal community partnerships and relationships enrich and inform the program.

Our Philosophy

Paddington Children’s Centre believes:

The Early Years are a critical opportunity for development and for building positive attitudes towards learning.

Secure and meaningful relationships support children’s development of resilience and emotional wellbeing.

Children’s inquiries and interests provide the foundations for the PCC program, which in turn makes learning meaningful, enjoyable and accessible for each child.

Children are capable, agentic and resourceful.

A wholefood and nutrient dense menu promotes and supports optimal health and development.

Families knowledge and ideas are valued and contribute to shared decision making.

In honouring diversity in individual families, we create supportive, honest and open relationships.

Communication between home life and PCC is key to forming professional collaborative partnerships with families, and welcomes families’ right to involvement.

Educators view culture and the context of family as central to children’s sense of belonging and becoming, and to success in lifelong learning. (EYLF, p.16)

It is essential to provide a sustainable, safe and welcoming community for all of its stakeholders. A community where social justice, equity and inclusion are highly valued.

Connections with the local community enhances learning opportunities and provides a sense of belonging and an awareness of the broader social networks.

PCC is committed to supporting social action and advocacy within our community.

Our First Nations peoples culture is embedded into our curriculum. Strong community relationships enrich and guide our cultural program.

Our highly qualified educators strive for professional excellence and innovation in their practice. High staff:child ratios and consistent staffing enable pedagogical practices to support children’s in-depth learning and discovery.

Educators are advocates for all aspects of early childhood education and care, with a strong focus on relationships and reflective practice.

National Quality Standard & the Early Years Learning Framework guides continuous quality improvement and drives learning and development.

Educators and children learn together and share decisions, respect and trust. (EYLF, p.15)