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Entry Upgrade

The Children Help With Design

In early 2016 the Sun Room children spent time with Natalie (Director) discussing thoughts and ideas about the Centre entry area.

The children went out to look at the area and then spent time discussing the space with an image projected into the room on the large screen. This brainstorming opportunity with the children gathered many ideas and thoughts that were collected and shared with the architects during the designing phase of the entry upgrade.

Some of the key points gathered from the children were:

  • That you get wet when you are trying to get in when it is raining.
  • The bars are bent and old.
  • We could use glitter or leaves to make it more beautiful.
  • The two gates keep the babies safe.
  • We need protection from the sun.

The children went on excursions to explore the idea of decorating the entry area with leaves. They collected lots of leaves from the local streets that surround Paddington Children’s Centre. All of the children agreed that the Plain Tree leaf was the leaf that represents our environment the most.

The Director then worked with the Architects to design an entry that would reflect the children’s ideas as well as creating:

  • A welcoming space for families, children, teachers and visitors.
  • A secure and accessible entry for families with prams.
  • A double gate enclosure that did not feel like a metal cage.
  • Extra shade and protection from the rain.
  • A cover that allows filtered light and patterns that would change depending on the position of the sun. The children can enjoy the patterned flooring on arrival from the morning sun.

A leaf patterned glass awning was the final result of the meetings between the Director, educators, children and architects. The children’s drawings and leaf pattern were the inspiration for the glass pattern.

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Our Paddington

Our Paddington

This is our place. This is where we belong.

‘As we draw and model our Paddington architecture and its characteristic terrace houses, we are developing an understanding of what it means to belong to our local community’

– Naomi Beech (Early Childhood Teacher) Paddington Children’s Centre